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Postby cheekymunkee » September 28th, 2007, 9:54 pm

It is with great pride and honor that I have the privilege to
announce a new legislative website that will compliment what is
already online to assist anyone in writing letters to officials that
are considering anti-canine legislation, be it national, state-wide or local.

When you go to the site, please be sure to bookmark it and check in
at least once a week for this site will be updated whenever
information is made available.

The issues will be onsite for no longer than 10 days, this is to make
sure that it will not become outdated or stagnated. We encourage
everyone to participate in contributing to this site by documenting
any pending actions being taken by any legislative body in the US.
These actions include:

Mandatory Spay and Neutering
Breed Specific Legislation
Guardian vs Owner terminology
Ear cropping and/or tail docking
Homeowner's insurance discrimination

When submitting details of such pending actions listed above, please
try to include as much details as possible, ie., ordinance being
proposed, official statements, meeting times, email and physical
addresses of the officials to be addressed. You can send any/all
such information to: legislation@...

This site is still be fine tuned, however is now 100% functional. If
you have not written an opposition to the campaigns listed on this
site, please feel free to use the templates and talking points
provided to draft and send your letter.

You should find this site easy to use and we will be adding
additional simple instructions for those that may have
problem understanding the steps.

When you go there please click on the Campaign you wish to address
and then fill in the form, then click next to reach the talking
points and letter writing template.
Please be aware that you can edit your letter as you are creating it
to form paragraphs and insert personal statement.
Also please know that you may use the 'top' section of the letter
template to introduce yourself to the official/s you are directing
your comments to.

Now with that stated, please let me introduce
. This site could not have been accomplished without the American
Rottweiler Club's mandate of wanting to become the leading dog club
in the battle against anti-canine legislative issues. It is an honor
to be a part of this project as well as the others that ARC had
accomplished. The developer of the interactive software should also
be commended for an excellent job, he was able to take our ideas and
bring them to fruition. Additional information may be obtained at

This has all truly been a personal dream come true for me...
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Postby pitbullmamaliz » September 29th, 2007, 2:48 pm

Awesome Debby! Thanks for posting that!
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