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Postby SLS61185 » December 13th, 2011, 3:58 am

I had a really LONG, normal looking story typed up and decided to delete it because I didn't think anyone would want to sit through the whole thing. Sorry if this jumps around... a lot. Trying to sum everything up. So I hope this all makes sense.

Anyways, as you all know, I needed good thoughts for Patch and I back in October. Only a couple of you know why that was. Well, here's the short version of the really long story (still kinda long though)
On October 18th, I took Patch for a walk and had stopped to talk to the neighbors. They had their three year old granddaughter out there with her father. She kept running past us and when she finally stopped doing it, Patch went to jump up and give her kisses... As he came down, she screamed and backed away and that's when it happened. He 'bit' her on the shoulder. He let go as soon as I pulled him back and in the process he ripped the skin open.

They took her to the emergency room (I went with them) and animal control was called... Standard procedure for VA/county I live in, that they have to be called for any bite or scratch from an animal... even if it's your own. Well, they were told they didn't want any charges pressed and everyone was being very understanding about it. They said they've had their own animals bit their kids and other people. The doctors did a surgical cleaning on E (the little girl) and found an air pocket. They were able to take care of it with no problems but decided to keep her in the hospital for three days(???). He didn't damage any muscle, nerves or anything like that. His canines never went in. They did some test and she had all her feeling in her fingers and everything.

I had to surrender Patch that night and was told it was for a 10 day quarantine and that I'd get him back after the days were up. When the AC officer came back the next night to give me my paperwork, she said I wasn't getting him back and that I had to go to court November 17th to see if the judge would let me have him back... and that I was looking at a dangerous dog charge. She said she was just going to say dangerous, but that the judge could say vicious and then he'd be PTS. I was told I couldn't see Patch while he was there and he HAD to stay in the shelter until my court date... A whole freaking month.

We contacted a lawyer and our insurance company. Agent said she had to wait till after court was done to decide on what she needed to do. We were in limbo as to what to do. We started doing A LOT of research. Finally had a consultation with the lawyers aid and she took all my info down and what not then got back to me within two days. Lawyer was a little pricey BUT she is the second best lawyer you can get in our county. The main partner in the firm is the brother-in-law of a guy my husband works with... So we were referred to her. Also? She doesn't do animal cases. She's a really good defense attorney and does murder and other cases.

Finally a week later, I went to the shelter to take some more bones to Patch and they said I could see him. Turns out they had a HUGE parvo outbreak and were closed for two months and he came in at the end of it so that's why I couldn't see him.They couldn't handle (physically) him because he was a bite and court case. So he could only go from one kennel to the next through a door. I could take him out and put him in a room with me though. They did get to where they handled him a lot at the end of his stay though. So I went and seen him every couple of days for 20-30 minutes at a time. That helped... a lot. After 10 days they called and said to come get him... Until they read his paperwork and remembered he was a court case and said he couldn't leave.

Fast forward to three days before court. E's mom said that she got a call from the county asking if she wanted to press charges. She said no again. She was sent paperwork on my court date and was told she could be there if she wanted ( She didn't HAVE to be there because one, she wasn't there when it happened and also because it was the County versus me not the parents against me). Was also sent a letter saying I had Patch back (when I didn't).... The day of court everyone shows up... Turns out that the father and grandfather were subpoenaed the night before (since they were both there) and the three of us has to testify. The prosecutor was new, young and had NO idea what she was going up again with my lawyer... and she basically cleaned the floor with the 'poor' girl (told you she was good). Judge said because Patch was out there for a reason, he was on a leash, he didn't get out of the yard and go after her and he let go when I pulled him back... that it was just a big accident and that he WOULDN'T DEEM HIS DANGEROUS for the one bite.

Soooo Patch got to come home the same day free of charge and everything. No dangerous dog. Also? Had he been deemed dangerous, we were looking at close to $400 for shelter cost, but because there wasn't a charge we didn't have to pay anything. Just the expensive cost for my lawyer. I called the insurance agent after court and told her everything was good... So now we're still waiting to hear back on what's going to happen with them and how much of E's hospital bills they're going to pay and what not. I do know that E's parents hired a lawyer the week I went to court (for the insurance part) and I know our insurance has their own lawyer involved. Sooooo we shall wait and see what happens.

I've always known Patch could be taken from me in the blink of an eye... just didn't think it'd ever happen. I'm so happy to have my baby boy back and my heart isn't broken anymore. Life is 'back to normal'. The grandparents are the only ones that will ever see Patch. E and her parents won't. They don't live next door, and if they are over there, Patch will never be in the front yard or go for a walk. Also, the day after it happened, I found out that E's dad hates dogs, and more so Pits in general (even though they have a damn rottie and the grandparents have a big black lab and 3 ankle biters)... He said he didn't want Patch to come home alive and if it was up to him he'd just take Patch out back and shoot him in the head - - - Which is also another reason they will never see Patch out front, but, at the same time, I refuse to treat my dog like a prisoner in his home.

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Postby copperlegend » December 14th, 2011, 12:14 pm

So the little girl's mom didn't want to press charges but the dad is a dog-hater? Ugh, I'm sorry this all happened but very glad it worked out!
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Postby SLS61185 » December 14th, 2011, 3:46 pm

Yeah. However, I found out some more info yesterday while talking to the grandmother for the first time since all this happened... Her and her husband have lost their relationship with the daughter and son-in-law and aren't allowed to see E. Why? Because they're pissd that the grandfather told the truth in court about Patch... Saying he's never had an issue with Patch and what not. E's parents wanted him to lie in court and say that he and the grandmother fear for their lives living nextdoor to Patch, that he's a vicious dog and everything else.

Also, the mother kept saying she was okay with us and the situation the whole time... Come to find out, she isn't/wasn't and had been lying to me the whole time. She, too, wanted Patch PTS. This all just pisses me off knowing this crap now.

Now, I don't know if she's mistaken orwhat but she also said that E's hospital bills are close to $123k... I don't know if she meant that's how much they are or that's what their lawyer is trying to get out of our insurance... I'm assuming this could take months before anything is settled.

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Postby pocketpit » December 19th, 2011, 10:51 am

Scary stuff, but I'm glad Patch is back home.
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Postby TinaMartin » December 19th, 2011, 8:47 pm

That seems really high for getting some stitches for a small tear.
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