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Postby mnp13 » February 22nd, 2006, 7:56 pm

I did not write this. It was passed to me by one of the people I transport for. I am not sure what rescue they came from. I also have another one somewhere from a different rescue. I'll post it when I find it.


The home visit is a way to see and evaluate the home to which our dog or puppy is going. And to see if what is stated on the application is borne out at the home. But it is not an interrogation. Questions need to be asked in ordinary conversation. And observations need to be made.
Please make the home visit appointment for a time when everyone in the family can be there. Take note if anyone is resistant to the idea of a new animal. Also take note of how the children react.

Read the application carefully and make notes about answers that should be elaborated upon or checked out by sight. (Judy may make suggestions) For instance the application may say “fenced yard” See it. It could be only partially fenced or very flimsy. The application may say the puppy or dog will be left alone for only 3 or 4 hours. Discuss the family’s actual schedule—when they leave and when they get back home. People don’t always consider travel time. Some say they’ll come home for lunch just to make the time crated appear to be less etc

Please don’t put words into the applicant’s mouth or give them your (our) ideas about how to solve a situation. It is important that the applicant is willing to think things through and come up with a solution

If there are other pets observe where they are kept not just while you are there but ask where they (and our dog) will spend their time when no one is home and also how the dog will be confined outside. Ask this also if our dog is to be the only pet.

If there are cats ask where they spend their time and where they can get up on or go to when bothered by a dog.

Ask about past pets and explore what happened to them.

Observe how well behaved the family dog is. This is an indication of the attention and training the family has been willing to give. If there is no other dog ask if they plan obedience classes or some other way of training. With puppies ask how they will house train.

Explore the very important issue of exercise---how and how often. Puppy adopters need to be considering life with an adult dog in the future.

Know that if the applicant is turned down it will be done in such a way as to not reflect on you. Often it is just a matter of our saying that the one whose application came in first was approved for the dog. Almost no one is ever told they are unsuitable. (even if they are)

Most applicants are friendly and personable. Many houses are nice. BUT- that’s not what we are looking for. Instead we need to know if this is a lifetime- of- the- dog commitment and if the dog will be happy and well cared for there.

We will be doing a vet check. We will also counsel the family based on things you may pick up while with them.

If you aren’t comfortable taking notes while there please jot things down for us when you get home. We suggest you take with you the check list. After the visit please email your notes to Judy to be attached to the application.

Thanks for all you are doing! It makes such a difference to the dog being placed and may well prevent the dog from being given up later in time.

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Postby mnp13 » February 22nd, 2006, 8:05 pm

another home visit form

Carolina Poodle Rescue, Inc.
Amazing ARRFF, Inc.
Home Check Visit Form

Name Spouse
City, State, Zip
# of Children

Please check which best describes potential adopter's current living situation:
Condo Apartment Mobile Home
Rent Own Live w/Parents

What type of environment?
City Suburban Country

Besides the immediate family, are there others residing in the home?
Yes No
Name(s) Ages

Home/Yard Environment:
Does the home have a yard?
How big is the yard?
Is there a fence?
What type fence and how tall?
Is the gate locked with a padlock?
Is there a pool in this yard?
Is yes to pool, is it fenced?

Where will their dog be kept most of the time?
Where will their dog be kept most of the time?
In house Outside Basement Other:
Do they currently have . . . Kennel Doghouse Dog run
If kept outside, will the dog have . . . Kennel Doghouse Dog run

Current Pet Information:
Do they have other pets? Yes No
Type Breed Age Sex
Type Breed Age Sex
Type Breed Age Sex
Type Breed Age Sex

Are the other pets current on all vaccinations?
Are the animals on heartworm preventative?
If yes, what type
If no, why not?
Do all their pets look healthy and well cared for?
Did they discipline their animals in your presence?
If so, was it done in an appropriate manner?
If no, please explain
Did their pets act appropriate towards you?
If no, please explain
Did their pets act appropriate toward the children?
If no, please explain

I certify that the information provided to the home check evaluator is true & correct. Home checks are made on a random basis following or prior to adoption. If upon inspection we find that information contained in this application to be false, we retain the right to turn down or remove the animal from your premises without a refund of any moneys paid. I specifically give the right to the rescue agency to make follow up visits as they feel necessary.

Date Signature of Potential Adopter/Foster

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Postby luvmyangels » February 22nd, 2006, 11:08 pm

Great information. Thank you for sharing.
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