Cincinnati, OH. Stray pit needs place to go

Postby doglvrx3 » March 5th, 2011, 9:40 pm

A friend of a friend in Ohio has a pit bull mix that she found as a stray and has been keeping at her house for the time being. He isn't named yet as she fears getting too attached. The problem is that Ohio has basically deemed all pit bulls "vicious" and her home owner's association will make her pay $5000 yearly to keep him. He's one year old, 50lbs, currently intact (she's planning on getting him neutered if she can find somewhere for him to go), had first shots, he gets along with her boston terrier and in meeting a cat, showed curiosity but stayed away. She has a crate for him to go with as he is crate trained. She's tried all the shelters and rescues in OH but none will take him in. I know many pit rescues are full of these wonderful dogs, but if there's anything anyone can do or suggest, we would really appreciate it! Please share!

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