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http://www.examiner.com/pet-rescue-in-n ... r-your-dog

Hancock County, West Virginia - The sensational case of alleged animal abuser, Jeffrey Nally Jr.,19, of 1855 Orchard Lane has now landed on the petition site entitled Change.org. The popular internet petition for social injustices has gathered 3,357 signatures of people who are calling for a rigid penalty for the 29 counts of felony animal cruelty for the abuse and torture of dogs and puppies.

According to police records and interviews Nally and his girlfriend moved in together last December. Nally would bring home free dogs and puppies for his girlfriend, but when he would get angry with her, Nally would kill the dogs in the house and make his girlfriend clean up the mess. Some of the dogs would last for weeks; others just hours, and at times Nally would force his girlfriend to hold the dog as he killed the animal. Frequently Nally would snap their necks or shoot them. There were 29 dead dogs found at Nally's house, and most were puppies.The evening a SWAT team arrested Nally, they rescued "one pig, poodle, black lab, and coon hound."

Police found a crossbow, drill, and clawhammer with dried blood and black hair. In the basement were jars containing dog eyeballs, teeth, and ears. The stretched out hide of a beagle was drying.

Nally has also been charged with sexually and physically abusing his girlfriend. Prosecutor Jim Davis states the grand jury is considering all charges.

Animal owners need to be aware and realize the dangers of giving animals away for free without adoption contracts, fees, evaluations and follow-up visits. When an animal owner advertises a free pet on a bulletin board, online, or at the nearby grocery store, it is an invitation to those who abuse animals.

As if the suffering of animals allegedly at the hands of Nally isn't disturbing enough, there are even more evil places a pet could land. Those involved in dog fighting use calm, friendly pets to train fighting dogs. They answer free classified ads, steal animals out of yards, or pick up strays. The handlers tape the bait dog's mouth shut so he can not defend himself, and the dog is bitten to death as practice for the fighting dog. Other "free" animals are sold for experimentation to laboratories.

Here are some suggestions to help keep Fido safe if the only alternative is to find your pet a new home:

•Never advertise "free to good home." Even if you are not planning to charge a fee, do not state it in an ad. Guaranteed you will get lots of calls, but those are not the ones you will want to care for your pet in the future.
•Get the caller's name, address, and phone number. Verify all of the information.
•Check with the caller's family to make sure everyone is on board with bringing in a new pet to the household.
•Does the prospect own or rent their home? Renters can move quickly. Find out the name of the landlord, and call them so you are able to gauge how long the person has been living there, if dogs are even allowed, and the reliability of the person who wants your dog.
•Does the caller have children? How does the pet get along with kids? Ask those questions, and use the information to help make an informed decision.
•What is their experience with other dogs? How long have they owned other animals?
The next step is the interview. Make an appointment in your home, and then visit their home. Do you like them? Do you feel comfortable with them? If you have any doubts, let your "inner feelings" rule your decision. Have an adoption contract to protect the dog and release you from any future liability. Have them call you, and be prepared to take your dog back if the adoption doesn't work out. It's more humane and kinder to have your dog put to sleep by a qualified veterinarian than to have to picture the kind of abuse and torture an animal might have to suffer at the hands of an unscrupulous animal abuser.

And what about red flags? Take heed of some of the warning signs to consider when someone wants to adopt Fido. Ask questions and evaluate explanations:

•Their previous dog had behavior problems so they gave him away. That usually denotes lack of training or attention. If the previous dog didn't work out, why would this dog?
•They've had lots of animals and dogs. Where are they now? What happened to them?
•Were their previous animals spayed and neutered? Responsible pet ownership dictates population control.
•Is there a yard? Who will walk Fido?
•Where will the dog spend his time? How many hours do they work? Will the dog be in a cage the entire day?
•Ask people why they are particulary interested in your dog?
•Check out references. Call their vet, and have at least two personal references. If the interested party tells you they just moved into town and have no references, find their prior place of residence and check. Do not adopt to anyone if they can not supply references.
And above all, give your dog the best chances for a successful adoption. Evaluate his behavior problems if he has any. Teach him basic commands, housebreak him, and make a list of what you expect a new family to be able to provide for your dog. He's not a used car; this is a breathing, loyal companion animal that deserves a safe and happy life.

By Cheryl Hanna Pet Rescue Examiner.
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That just makes me ill :cuss:
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I could never imagine giving my dog away to anyone for free, save a good friend or shelter, if no other option existed.
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