the monster that hides in dark corner

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Postby Malli » May 28th, 2013, 9:56 pm

of the thing, that is your dog's personality.

A remimder that though the corner is not big, there is a monster there.

With Uzi, it can be tricky, because about 95% of the time he is good with other dogs, and I would say about 99.9% of the time (or more :wink: ) with people he is just a sweetheart. Compound that with his adorable, gentle and almost "jester like" antics in daily life, and it can be hard to remember he even has animal instincts! I have seen that little bit of darkness in him, but not often or with much frequency, so I find I have to remind myself that it exists.

Take last night,
We were at the end of our walk, when we encountered at pair of Boston Terriers coming towards us. A combination of things (previous interactions? Uzi's body language, theirs, the fact that there were two, etc) compelled me to move us off the sidewalk on to the grass boulevard; I got a reluctant sit, and was able to give him two food treats as the dogs approached; As they approached the mark that would be when they pass us, all hell broke loose. The closest dog launched into an all-out freak out, screaming and trying to lunge, while his owner hauled his front feet off the ground. A short second later, Uzi decided to eat the little dog, broke his sit, and made a bee line. He didn't get far(not more then two steps), of course, but the move was definitely unexpected!

So in this case I guess, HE reminded me, of his little dark monster.

The sentiment I have for the man walking the Bostons? :mad2:
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