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Postby amalie79 » June 28th, 2011, 10:04 am

Our trainer just clued us into this organization; it's a group that facilitates agility "at a distance"-- you submit your dog's run via youtube.

http://www.dogtrainingraleighnc.net/Vir ... _home.html

Now, I don't want to shield Robin from the world forever, or use this as an excuse to get lazy with the reactivity/fear training we're doing. But she is very scared of the agility equipment. It's something that I'd need to work on separately when she's comfortable. To get her to a solid point on these sorts of things AND help her get more comfortable in a group setting separately before putting it all together would be nice... And while I know we could work on it without titling, having something to work toward would be motivation for ME to keep it up. ;-)
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