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Postby amberc922 » October 27th, 2011, 2:30 pm

Hi there....My name is Amber and I have two woderful pit bulls Ace and Kira. I live in the worst state however to own a pit :( But we manage anyway. Kira was my first pit and she was great for a first time owner of a pit. I put her through puppy kindergarden, obeadience and CGC she passed them all very very well. She doesn't know a stranger and if you ignore her she will make sure you know she is there and you pet her.. she sits next to you and calmly stares at you until you acknowlege her lol it is so funny people are like what is wrong with her lol...I say just pet her and she usually gets down and if you are not comfortable with pit bulls because off the uneducated people out there then she is out to prove that they are the funniest and most loving breed of dog out there. She has been sick on and off since I got her and it's from bad breeding but I love her just the same. Right now we are dealing with severe allergy problems ...ugh. Her best friend is my cat Zoe. Zoe will cry for her when she's not around and they play alot together...funny thing Zoe is the boss and when it's time for Kira's ears to be cleaned then she better sit still or Zoe bites her ear lol Kira will look at me like Mom help me..lol.....Next is Mr. Ace...I got him when he was 1yr old from the Humane Society. He was so skinny and he had grew up there since a puppy. He was extremely attached to one of the workers there because she would take him and his brother home all the time. So once I got him home and discovered he wasn't gaining weight because he has IBS and switched his food to Lamb and Rice he gained the weight immediately and looks amazing...I take him back to visit once in awhile they love him so much. He has become such a momma's boy i can't leave him hardly at all that he doesn't pace and look for me..He is very protective of me and the one thing I love about him other than his hilarious personality is that I had a boyfriend one time that came after me to hit me and shoved me across the room. Ace game towards him to stop him from hurting me. The guy threatened to kill him and I said don't you ever touch my dog because if he had attacked him and I hadn't stopped him that jerk would have got what he deserved... He nevers trys to go after anyone but he is shy with men at first and harsh voices. He has to know someone new for awhile before he listens to commands from them. He has amazing sense to know a bad situation from a good one. I love my babies so much and would do anything for them.
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Postby Jenn » October 27th, 2011, 4:45 pm

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Postby pitbullmamaliz » October 27th, 2011, 5:05 pm

Welcome! :wave:
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