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Postby brutus+dre » February 29th, 2012, 12:16 pm

hey there!

Im jen.. 27 and married with 2 girls ages 4 and 9. Me and my husband are self employed and work at home. we currently have a little village of animals it seems lol.. I have always been an animal lover since i was young. I was the quiet girl on the block intead of playing with kids im trying to feed a wild cat, or rescue a hurt animal. i think ive had every furry animal in my life except rats and ferrets.

My very first pit bull was Dre (parvo survivor)
I have always wanted a pit bull and was looking on craigslist one day and just couldn't resist that face! the previous owner no longer wanted him because his kid was allergic so he kept the dog either at his garage (where he constantly got out) or in the bathroom when he was at home.. Dre is very energetic (duh) and awesome around my girls.. first problems- he cannot be left alone.. if we leave the house.. and he is not in a kennel(we brought later) expect to come back to tore up papers... and poop.. long as he is in a kennel when we leave all is well.. Once he got settled.. we noticed he chased his tail alot biting on it and biting on his legs ect.. he is the first dog ive met that licks his paws squeaky clean.. like it was blackish and after he is done they are pink.. we changed his food in case of allergy and haven't noticed the issues again but he could be distracted which brings me to our unexpected addition

We met brutus a few days ago.. we had a flat tire and across the street we saw him just wandering in a grassy area looked very lost and cold. split sec decision came into play when my husband saw him and a cop was driving down and stopped. they are not very fond of stray pits in chicago and in the shelters they only have a few days b4 being put down. my husband told him to sit and he did, the cop drove off and my husband figured we would at least take him in feed him and walk him around the neighborhood if this was infact a dog that just got out of the gate type of thing.( its not uncommon for folks to just let the dog out the house and forget about it. my neighbors let a pit bull out in the freeezing cold w snow on the ground because they no longer wanted it) Brutus is sooo laid back! maybe its because he is clearly older but man he is so sweet and just cool.. meanwhile dre is uber excited always on him trying to play and i think dre is a bit confused or has not got the memo that brutus is a boy.. ( i think there is a difference between asserting dominance and just plain humping..) training is definately needed for both especially dre that we are working on. at this point it needs to happen sooner because dre is always on 10 as far as energy with brutus and brutus is just as calm and quiet.. dre currently goes on several walks a day including at least 2 30min trots on the treadmil and still has alot of energy. he also wont stop humping brutus lol

are we perfect no? are we aware of some issues? yes are we continually doing research to be better owners? definately will brutus remain part of the family? more than likely since our efforts short of going door to door in the area of where we found him have turned up nothing as far as owners..

Other animals we have: a robo dwarf hamster named sketchy and 2 guinea pigs named patrick and sandy :

Im always open to suggestions and ideas :)
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Postby pitbullmamaliz » March 1st, 2012, 11:14 am


Welcome! They're both adorable!
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Postby Jenn » March 9th, 2012, 2:12 pm

Hello and welcome :wave2:
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