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Please tell us about yourself! You will not be able to post on the rest of the board until you have posted here

Postby mnp13 » January 9th, 2006, 3:37 pm

Welcome to our forum. In order to keep the number of spammers low, you will only be able to post in this section until you have been approved by an Admin.

Please give us a 'real' introduction, who you are, where you are from (state is fine!) your experience with bull-breeds, etc. We don't want to pry, we just want to have a little background so everyone can get to know everyone!!

Here is a great intro post (about halfway down the page) if you want some ideas

If you are not approved in a relatively short time (within 24 hours) Michelle (mnp13) or post in the Problems thread.

You'll know when we have seen your post when one of us post this in your thread:

Please be sure to turn off your popup blockers for this site, or check your messages regularly (click on the 'messages' button at the top of the screen). If they pile up they will automatically delete!

Thanks, and again, welcome!!

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