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Postby dlynne1123 » July 8th, 2011, 2:36 pm

Ok folks

I've spent 2 years trying to draw a crowd to UKC sanctioned WP training and competition. I now have a following of about 6 dogs that are green but ready to compete. One past novice and on his was to some titles. I seem to be just running out of steam trying to keep them happy with venues available to them that are not only welcome to mixed breeds or altered dogs, but also relatively close to northern NE.

Now there is talk of UKC dropping it? What do I tell the people that are just now realizing its a great sport and want to compete or at least practice, and where do I send them? I can't find a UKC event this fall, and will send my more driven dogs to APA but I want, and they need a friendly welcoming sport to keep their bullies out of trouble. Does anyone know anything about NWDA? I am starting to work my training around IWPA but I don't find many of those around here either. Most of my students do in your face training rather than finish line training so I'll need to change this up. I think its the same in APA but the NWDA site isn't very informative. It sounds like only purebred, papered dogs are allowed. I can't even find out how many fouls there are....

Any advice and information would be lovely!

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