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http://www.itsmysite.com/cgi-bin/itsmy/ ... ir=apbtabc

American Pit Bull Terrier Association
Of British Columbia
2006 Fun Show
April 22, 2006

Harmsworth Hall ~ Langley, B.C.

Weight Pull Registration 8 AM - 10:00 AM
Weight Pull Begins 10am

Registration for All Other Classes 8am - 12 noon
Jr. Handlers Begins 11:30pm
Conformation Begins 12 noon
Judges Choice
will take place after Best Of Show

ALL altered & non registered APBT's are WELCOME

Raffle will begin after weight Pull & Conformation are finished!!!

Rules will be posted and enforced.

CDN Entry Fees:
Weight pull - $12.00
Conformation - $12.00
Jr. Handler - $2.00
Judges choice - $5.00

If you have any questions
or if you’d like a flyer mailed,
please contact:
or visit their web site at:
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