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Last Tango for Council
Matthew Killoran

After six years, seven months, and 28 days in exile,Tango the American Amstafordshire terrier is back on the Gold Coast.
The dog, owned by Kylie Chivers and John Mokomoko, was the centre of a legal battle with the Gold Coast City Council
about whether he was a restricted American pit bull.

While in April the Supreme Court ruled ruled that Amstaffs were pit bulls, in July, the State Gov amended Legislation to
specify the animals are a different breed, which meant Tango could come home..

Thumbing there nosese up at the Council, Ms Chivers and Mr.Mokomoko made Tango's stop outside the city Council Chambers.
Calling on animal control officers officers to take the dog away or leave them alone.

"If they honour and integrity they would come put and apoligise," Mr Mokomoko said.

Mr.Mokomoko said he had spent close to 40.000 on kennel fees over the past six years and he would be seeking compensation
from the council. While a Council spokeman declined to comment, community and Cultural services boss Bob La Castra said the council had acted within the law at all times. :mad2: :mad2:
Congrat's to John and Kylie & team


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That's wonderful he's back! Although so sad for him that he was gone for over 6 years. :(
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