A few of my rabbit dog and my soon to be duck dog

If it's a non-human, non-Pit Bull, family member, post it here!

Postby Muttkip » April 15th, 2011, 2:04 pm

Took some pics of Beau and Takoda today.

Takoda is showing some potential as a duck hunting dog too :D Any time she hears a gun shoot, she's either hitting the end of her lead or the fence of her pen to go retrieve what was shot. Whether it be a plywood or a duck, she wants to fetch it. So we'll see how this works out....there might even be some coon hunting in her future

Excuse the bad quality, these were taken on my phone:

She's not too shabby looking for a lab, if I do say so myself

He's finally starting to show rib now, which means he's finally back where I want him for the summer :D

Can you tell they're best friends?

Yeah......she's DEF. not very bright
And he's well....yeah he just HAD to move.....
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