anyone want a stillwater kennels collar *free*

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Postby Nizmo357 » August 14th, 2009, 4:47 am

well im on another forum called its the first site i ever joined and i absolutely LOVE it there.
a lot of good people there that really care and want to help out the breed. its a pretty good size community and the mods do a really good job on cleaning out people that dont deserve to be there. (BYB's, trouble makers, jerks, lol)
well long story short i ordered 2 collars from stillwater kennels (idk if you guys know of them but i think some may) they were both the wrong collars so he just said keep them both and he'd send me another one for free.
so since he did a good deed for me, i thought it would be good to pass on the deed by giving one of the collars away.
heres the link to the thread i made, one of the mods is making a poll tomorrow for a photo contest and whoever wins the contest i will ship them the collar, free. ... nnels.html
the contest will have a theme and if your interested in what it is you'll have to wait til tomorrow. lol
it'll be fun

if you join tell em who sent ya ;) lol
i really hope some of you join its a really good community.
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