FDA Recalled Parsley Powder Used In Pet Food

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FDA Recalled Parsley Powder Used In Pet Food
Posted on Friday, September 21st, 2007 at 1:17 pm in News for Cats, Dogs & Owners, National Dog, Cat & Pet Info, Dogs, Pet Food Recalls & Safety.
By Emily Huh
On FDA’s Enforcement Report dated September 19, 2007, the agency listed a late August recall that involved dehydrated parsley powder which was used in certain Diamond pet food premixes. The manufacturer of the parsley powder issued a recall because some of their product was found to have salmonella in it.

We spoke to a Diamond spokesman in regards to this parsley powder recall. He stated that the dehydrated parsley powder that is used in their premixes goes through a process of extrusion (goes through heat). Any salmonella or bacteria in the product is killed and sterilized because the bacteria cannot withstand the heat.

Diamond did test their dehydrated parsley powder for salmonella, and the spokesman said the parsley product tested negative for salmonella. All of the remaining parsley powder that was not used was sent back to the manufacturer.

The spokesman said their dehydrated parsley powder comes from a US manufacturer.

Some pet food product containing the recalled dehydrated parsley powder did go into stores, but the spokesman wanted to reassure consumers that the food is safe because their lot of parsley powder tested negative for salmonella, and even if there was salmonella in the parsley powder, the bacteria would have been killed in the heating process.

Here is the information from the FDA website regarding this recall:

September 19, 2007

a) Diamond Pet SG PMX #1, NB-8244A, packaged in 50-lb. bags, For Manufacturing
Purposes Only, Recall # V-076-2007;
b) Diamond Pet SG PMX #2, NB-8332A, packaged in 50-lb. bags, For Manufacturing
Purposes Only, Recall # V-077-2007;
c) Diamond Holistic Premix, NB-8866B, packaged in 50-lb. bags, For Manufacturing
Purposes Only, Recall # V-078-2007;
d) Kirkland Signature Premix, NB8251A, packaged in 50-lb. bags, For Manufacturing
Purposes Only, Recall # V-079-2007
a) Lots: 0507721, 0507723, and 0521755;
b) Lots: 0514713 and 0521757;
c) Lots: 0510711, 0510713, 0517749, 0521759, 0521761, 0521763, 0601707, 0601709,
0601711, and 0807747;
d) Lots: 0503737, 0504701, 0510717, 0510719, 0523753, 0601713, 0713709, and
Nutra Blend LLC, Neosho, MO, by telephone on August 22, 2007 and August 24, 2007, and by letter on August 23, 2007. Firm initiated recall is complete.
Some of the raw material dehydrated parsley powder used in the manufacture of the premixes was found to contain salmonella.
86,700 lbs.
MO, SC, and CA
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Yet another Diamond pet food recall! Yikes!
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