PetSmart Pulls Pet N’ Shape Chik ‘N Rings Dog Treats Fro

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Last week, PetSmart pulled various Smokehouse brand chicken and duck dog treats from their shelves as a precautionary measure. The company pulled these treats in response to American Veterinary Medical Association’s warning about various treat products from China due to complaints from pet owners about ill dogs.

PetSmart has also pulled Pet n’ Shape Chik n’ Rings dog treats from their shelves as a precaution. When we spoke to PetSmart last week, there was no word about a Pet n’ Shape treat being pulled off shelves last week.

In a Sun-Sentinel article dated September 20, it was mentioned that Pet n’ Shape treats were pulled off shelves also.

We spoke to a Pet n’ Shape spokesperson, and he confirmed that PetSmart did pull Pet n’ Shape Chik n’ Rings off shelves. He said the California-based company wasn’t actually aware of PetSmart’s move until they read the Sun-Sentinel article from yesterday. He was uncertain when PetSmart pulled their product off of their shelves.

He said Pet n’ Shape has done extensive testing and continues to test for various toxins in their products and their treats have tested negative for contaminants. He welcomes consumers to contact the company if they would like to see test results on their products.

We spoke to numerous PetSmart representatives and most were not aware that Pet n’ Shape Chik n’ Rings dog treats were pulled. The one representative that knew about the product was uncertain when the product was taken off of the shelves.

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