BPA in Canned Pet Food Linings - Concern for Pets

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Is BPA in Canned Pet Food Linings a Concern for Pets?


(NaturalNews) Bisphenol A or BPA is an ingredient used to make hard, clear plastics and is also found in the lining of many canned products including pet foods. BPA is known to seep into food or liquids. The FDA, in typical fashion has waffled on its stance regarding the safety of BPA but recently the National Toxicology Program of the National Institutes of Health concluded that there is “some concern” that BPA may cause “problems in fetuses, babies and children, including breast or prostate cancer, early onset of female puberty, attention deficit disorder and other problems of the reproductive and neurological systems.”

Quoting NaturalNews.com: “More than 200 animal studies show that BPA is toxic at very low doses, and the Centers for Disease Control explains that it has found BPA in alarming concentrations in 95 percent of patients being tested. The Environmental Working Group (http://www.EWG.org) recently released a shocking report describing the very high levels of BPA contamination in canned foods” (http://www.ewg.org/reports/bisphenola) .

Needless to say there is no research for the effects of BPA on pets. However, a pet owner can only conclude that BPA is just as risky for their pet as it is for themselves. Many canned pet foods contain BPA in the lining. The current stance AAFCO and the FDA have on BPA is that the small amount of seepage into the food is not harmful to pets. Perhaps this new stance by the National Toxicology Program will nudge the FDA to change its current position.

It’s been very intriguing to me that every pet food manufacturer I’ve asked this question of -- which is many -- all quickly respond; they are well versed on the issue of BPA. This tells me two things. The first thing it tells me is that the companies that tell me ‘no’ -- their cans of pet foods contain no BPA in the lining are aware of the risks, and they have gone to the effort of providing canned pet foods free from the risks of BPA. The second thing it tells me is that those companies that tell me ‘yes’ -- are either oblivious to the latest scientific research, or simply don’t care. A pet food company oblivious to science or not bothering to care and make the necessary changes doesn’t leave me with a very comfortable feeling.

The only way to know if your pet’s food contains BPA in the can lining is to call the manufacturer and ask. This information is also provided to subscribers of Petsumer Report (in case you don’t wish to call). As with several other pet food concerns, taking the time to discover if BPA is in the lining of your pet’s canned food is worth the effort.

FWIW, a friend who passed this along to me got confirmation from Merrick pet food that their cans DON'T contain BPA. Here was their response:

Hello ****,

Our cans do not contain BPA. The cans are not stainless steel. They are a tin coated steel (inside and outside) with an organic coating over the tin on the inside of the can.I hope this information helps.



Merrick Pet Care

I also heard, but don't have email confirmation that Nature's Logics large cans DO contain BPA. If you are feeding canned food, your best bet is to ask the manufacturer directly, as the article states.
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