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Canidae Brand Dog Food

On January 22, 2009, a class action lawsuit was filed seeking relief for purchasers of Canidae brand dog food nationwide. The lawsuit alleges that dogs became sick after consuming the Canidae products. Progressive Law Group is prosecuting this action in connection with affiliated counsel.
Class Action filed against the makers of Canidae Dog Food Admin | January 27, 2009 5:16 pm Madison, Wisconsin, January 26, 2009
A class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of dog owners nationwide against the makers of CANIDAE brand dog food, seeking payment of veterinarian bills for dogs who allegedly took ill after consuming the food between last summer and the present. The lawsuit also asks the Court to order the defendants, Canidae Corporation and Diamond Pet Foods, to launch a corrective informational campaign. Affected dogs have experienced
rectal bleeding, loose and bloody stools, lethargy, and death, according to consumer complaints posted on internet forums and websites.
We can't push back the clock: if hundreds or thousands of dogs have suffered, that can't be reversed. But the lawsuit at least gives dogs and
their owners an avenue for redress, stated Ilan Chorowsky, one of the plaintiff's lawyers with the Progressive Law Group, which has offices in
Madison, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois. The Animal Law Center, Rosner & Mansfield LLP, and Doyle Lowther LLP also represent the plaintiff.

Further information about the lawsuit is available at:
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