Toxic Levels of Vitamin D found in Nutro Cat Food

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Written By: Susan Thixton5-4-2010
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Don Earl of Pet Food Products Safety Alliance notified me this evening regarding some lab test results his (tremendous) organization received today (May 4, 2010). The lab results found toxic levels of Vitamin D; over 1,000 times recommended by the National Research Council.

“Test results are back on a sample of what is believed to be Nutro Chicken Meal and Rice cat food Lot # 09 01 10 11:03. This is from the same batch of food we tested below on the March 22, 2010 results. The pet owner's cat nearly died after eating the food for 5 days and the symptoms appeared to be consistent with toxic levels of Vitamin D.” Click Here to read the lab results.

Don Earl reported this issue to the FDA hours after receiving the test results; no one (as of this writing) from the FDA has returned his call.
Read Pet Food Products Safety Alliance story here: has over 500 consumer complaints in the last two years regarding Nutro Pet Foods. Journalist Lisa McCormick confirmed with the FDA that Nutro Pet Food was under investigation (by the FDA) yet no recall has been issued. ... _foia.html

How many pets have to die? How many pets have to become ill before the FDA takes action? The FDA itself has hundreds of reports of sick pets all linked to this pet food company...why has nothing been done to stop the deaths and illnesses?

If you or anyone you know feeds a Nutro Pet Food (dog or cat food) please be very cautious. Please share this pet food warning with other pet owners.
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