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Postby mrs1two » May 24th, 2010, 4:15 pm

do Pitbulls attract IGNORANCE. Ugh I can't wait to leave my neighborhood. I live in CT, in what WAS a quiet neighborhood. We may be putting in a bid for a house out in a quiet out-of-the-way neighborhood in Meriden, CT. Everytime someone ghetto walks by my yard, the first thing that comes out of their mouths is "OH MY GOD is that a Pitbull?? Are you going to train him to fight?" Um wtf. My husband was walking him last week and some ghetto little ignorance crap comes up to him and here is the conversation:

Him="Is that a Pitbull?"
Hubby-"half boxer, half Pit"
Him-"Are you going to make him mean and train him to fight, that'd be badd ass son"
Hubby-"Yea, I am going to train him to fight, I am going to train him to fight the day it is legal for me to put a choke chain on you and train you to fight, get the f&*$ out of here"
Him-"Oh word man, thats a waste"
Hubby-"You're a waste"

Seriously??? Thats why people feel the way they do about Pitbulls. I have always felt okay about them, I know that its people who have trained them to be bad, I mean I still have my worries, but I have never been afraid of them. But why do some people have to be so damn ignorant.

If I get this house, it has a nice size side area, which I will turn into a dog run.
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Postby ArtGypsy » May 24th, 2010, 5:23 pm

Yes, it's sad. :(
And Infuriating. Wait until you have him longer, haven fallen totally IN LOVE with him, and have someone want to take him away and euthanize him because of his breed. I'm not sure about Conn. (and don't want to alarm you unnecessarily), but just make sure you check into the laws regarding Breed Specific Legislation. **BSL** :bs:

If you're one of the good owners, you'll keep him safe, not let him off leash in dog parks and educate yourself to become an ambassador for the breed.

There's always an idiot who'll open their mouth and let garbage spew from within.
] :puke:

He's lucky as you are, to have found each other!! :dance:
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Postby mrs1two » May 25th, 2010, 8:58 am

I would never let him off the leash at a dog park. We have very few leashless dog parks and dog fights (no Pits fighting, but a lot of snappy little dogs and other breeds) have shut some down. I would never let my little dog off the leash at a dog park, not because I worry about him attacking, but I worry for his saftey. He maybe 10 but he thinks he is a pitbull. He hates little snappy dogs and likes to play with the big boys. For this I am afraid they may play too rough with him. Also we used to have a shepard/dobie mix and little min pins used to terrorize him lol.

We are working on training him. In two days he has learned "watch me", "sit", "let's go', "come" and "leave it". We are working on the nipping. If we get the house we want I am putting up at chainlink dog run, with privacy fence on the side of the neighbors and am going to have it lockedl, that is where they will play when iwe are outside, just to prevent accidents, we never just leave themoutside all day. They are very much indoor dogs unless we are pklaying with them or walking them
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