July 12 & 13, Morrow, GA - Chicago, IL 8 week old 6-7 lb pup

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04/25/2008, Buffalo NY / Boston MA, 4 dogs

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Subject: Princess Runsheet

Permission to cross post and greatly appreciated
Transport Date: July 12 & 13, 2008
Morrow, GA - Chicago, IL
Going to Rescue

Coordinator Information:
Katie Wing
*Email is preferred*
Kcwing @ bellsouth . net (no spaces)

Volunteer Form:
Phone Number:
Vehicle make, model, color, and plate number:
Suggested meeting place:
Have you driven on a transport before:

Receiving Rescue:
Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue (Debbie)
Chicago, IL

Passenger Detail
Name: Princess
Breed: pitbull mix
Age: 8 weeks
Gender: female
Size/Weight: 6-7lbs
Temperment: quiet and playful. good with people.
Temperment in Car: unknown
UTD on Shots: yes
Rabies: no TBD at rescue
Neutered/Spayed: no TBD at rescue
Crate Provided: yes
Crate Trained: no
Medical Issues: healthy

*Transport will be canceled if not filled by July 11, 2008 @ 12pm. Also I will send out final information on July 11, 2008 @ 6pm. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to volunteer*

Leg 1
Morrow, GA - Calhoun, GA (83miles 8-9:30)

Calhoun, GA - Chattanooga, TN (50miles 9:40-10:30)

Leg 3
Chattanooga, TN - Manchester, TN (69miles 9:40-10:50)
Time Changes

Leg 4
Manchester, TN - Nashville, TN (65miles 11-12:10)

Leg 5
Nashville, TN - Oak Grove, KY (60miles 12:20-1:20)

Leg 6
Oak Grove, KY - Paducah, KY (70 Miles 1:30-2:40)

Overnight Filled by Katie Wing

Leg 7
Paducah, KY - Marion, IL (78miles 7:45-9)

Leg 8
Marion, IL - Mt. Vernon, IL (70 miles 9:10-10:20)

Leg 9
Mt. Vernon, IL - Effingham, IL (69 Miles 10:30-11:40)

Leg 10
Effingham, IL - Champaign, IL (80 miles 11:50-1:10)

Leg 11
Champaign, IL - Clifton, IL (62miles 1:2-2:20)

Leg 12
Clifton, IL - Chicago, IL (75miles 2:30-3:45)

Transport Coordinator & Driver

My contact info:
270-851-0220 (Home)
270-564-4516 (Cell)
*Feel free to add me to your contact list*

I am an animal tag collector, if you have
any expired or old rabies, tax, license tags
please contact me. I wil pay a fair price
plus shipping charges for you tags.

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