January 1-2, western/central NY, Mass and Maine legs needed

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04/25/2008, Buffalo NY / Boston MA, 4 dogs

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Courtesy post: contact info at bottom. Please help if you can, network to responsible drivers if you can't. HAPPY NEW YEAR



Lucy is a 5 YO liver & white spayed female Brittany (67#) who needs transport from her foster home in ON to her NBRAN-approved & HV-screened forever home in NB. She is UTD on all immunizations, HW-negative & healthy. . She is friendly to people & to other dogs. She will travel with leash, collar, vet records & a health certificate.

Rescue responsible for Lucy – National Brittany Rescue & Adoption Network (NBRAN) http://www.nbran.org (Sue Spaid, President sspaid@verizon.net)

If you can help these Brittanys to get to their foster or forever homes , please contact me directly at nwalker @ capecod.net (remove spaces) or 508-896-3602.

TRANSPORT ROUTE –London, ON to Burton, NB – Saturday & Sunday, Jan 1-2, 2011

**This route & its legs are very flexible. Please let me know what you can do & I’ll adjust.**


London, ON to Fort Erie, ON (140 miles) 8:00am-10:40am – FILLED by Helen

Fort Erie, ON to Buffalo, NY (7 miles) 10:50am-11:35am – FILLED by Jen

Buffalo, NY to Victor, NY (71 miles) 11:45am-12:55pm – FILLED by Joyce & Phil

Victor, NY to Syracuse, NY (67 miles) 1:05pm-2:10pm - NEEDED

Syracuse, NY to Herkimer, NY (76 miles) 2:20pm-3:35pm - NEEDED

Herkimer, NY to Albany, NY (71 miles) 3:45pm-4:55pm – FILLED by Victoria
OVERNIGHT in Albany, NY – FILLED by Victoria

Albany, NY to Westfield, MA ( 72 miles) 7:-00am-8:10am – FILLED by Dell
Westfield, MA to Auburn, MA (49 miles) 8:20am-9:10am – FILLED by Cindi

Auburn, MA to Chelmsford, MA (43 miles) 9:20am-10:05am – NEEDED

Chelmsford, MA to Portsmouth, NH (52 miles) 10:15am-11:10am – FILLED by Pat
Portsmouth, NH to Portland, ME ( 52 miles) 11:20am-12:15pm – FILLED by Paul & Sharon
Portland, ME to Augusta, ME (55 miles) 12:25pm-1:20pm – FILLED by Holly

Augusta, ME to Bangor, ME (75 miles) 1:30pm EST-2:45pm EST – NEEDED
Bangor, ME to Calais, ME (95 miles) 2:55pm EST-4:55pm EST – NEEDED

Calais, ME to Burton, NB (103 miles) 5:05pm EST-8:55pm AST (NOTE TIME ZONE CHANGE) – FILLED by Jenna & Tyson

Thanks for helping these Brittanys to get to their foster or forever homes.
Nancy Walker

Brittany Transport Team - National Brittany Rescue (NBRAN)/New England Brittany Rescue (NEBR)
h * - 508-896-3602 c - 508-237-0943
**You may only make a difference some of the time, but failing to try only guarantees you will NEVER make a difference.**
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