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Postby kera09 » August 11th, 2009, 2:16 pm

im out of kibble as of today....ive got 45 dollars and need to go buy them some meat.
ive heard to just start them on chicken thighs for a week or so? what i need to know is how much to feed them, should i add anything else???? whatever i buy for 45 needs to last me 2 whole weeks. ive read so much about it my eyes are blurry. i need help from whoever has been feeding raw for awhile. also duges immune system is low and is on anti biotics for a skin infection. I picked up wegmans organic plain yogurt should i add that in??

duge 73lbs could gain a few lbs

ava 60 lbs a perfect wieght

lulu 43 lbs could gain a few lbs.

please tell me exactly what i should get and how much to feed each of them....think of it as you are talking to a 10 yr old! lol lol lol
duge, ava, lulu and martini's momma :)
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Postby LMM » August 11th, 2009, 3:28 pm

Let me send you the link to the RAW co-op I use in our area. It will help you a lot with prices. For instance a 40 lb. case of chicken backs is $16 and for 3 dogs it should last about 3 weeks for one meal.

I started with chicken leg quarters/chicken backs and BARF burgers (there is a recipe). I've since incorporated turkey necks, duck necks, various meat grinds (meat/bone/organ/organic veggies) and fish. I sometimes add plain yogurt, cottage cheese, kelp powder, salmon oil, and I frequently add eggs.

There is also a calculator out there to determine how much you need to feed. Buddah is about 60-65 pounds and I feed her roughly 1-2% of her body weight because she gets fat quickly. Otis is 65ish pounds and I feed him 2-3% of his body weight. Max is 80 pounds and I also feed him 1-2% for the same reasons as Buddah. Both Junie and Mama are right around 35 pounds and I feed them 2-3% of their body weight.

RAW is a very eyeball it as you go, if they start getting fat, scale it back. If they start looking thin, feed more.
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