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This section is where requests for monetary assistance can be made. The staff came up with this idea as a way to be fair to everybody and not "pick and choose" who gets to do emergency fund-raisers (car accidents, natural disasters, medical crises that require immediate attention). If members decide they'd like to donate money to somebody, they can come here and see who needs some help.

Rules are as follows:

1. Only staff may post here.
2. Only members with 1000 posts or more may request that information be placed here.
3. If you want a request posted here, PM me with the info you want: the situation, where money can be donated, etc. The more details, the better; but remember, everybody can see this. Ideally, we'd like to see vet information so funds can be given directly to the medical provider, however, we realize this is not always feasible.
4. If you want to suggest somebody for this section, please PM me. I will then contact that person and see if they are okay with being put here. Just please remember, everything goes through ME first for approval!
5. If you make a request, please let me know as soon as your situation is under control so that we can remove it to allow others to receive help.
6. This section is not limited to dog-related emergencies.

Please PM me with any questions or requests for help. This board has the best, most generous members, and we all thank you for that. :)

(Disclaimer: PBT cannot be held responsible for how donations are used)
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