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Postby mnp13 » October 10th, 2008, 11:44 am

Jenn (LMM) was able to step forward and help this little puppy, and now has decided to try and save her life. As many of us have experienced, Parvo is a horrible disease and can be very difficult and expensive to treat. Her information is below.

From the ChipIn page:
Please help us save Junie B's life!
About 6 months or so ago a local pet store was busted for animal cruelty (dirty conditions, sick animals etc.). I was doing a news forum story for it for Best Friends at the time and couldn't dig much up about it for a follow-up.

Well I learned about the follow-up yesterday *sigh* Apparently after the first time he was busted, he wasn't shut down. Recently (last couple/few days) they went in and shut him completely down removing all animals. Including 5 puppies that were exposed to parvo. The shelter won't even bring them into the building, so I had a decision to make. They didn't seem to have parvo yet they were being housed in a garage area. There were going to be put down otherwise, so I stepped in to rescue her, confident I could find this cutie a loving home fast. ... 0_3694.jpg

Junie B came to our house and completely stole our hearts. So when she started throwing up, the wind was knocked right out of my sails. Junie B has been admitted to emergency because I made a commitment to save her life. She deserves a chance. She deserves to have a loving home and get all the snuggles and kisses she can handle. She was at emergency services for Saturday and Sunday night so she could reserve 24/7 care (vet closed on Sunday) and I just transferred her back to Irondequoit Animal Hospital this morning (our primary vet caregiver).

Please, please help me to cover the cost of her treatment so I can get this beautiful girl healthy again!

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