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CLARK SUMMIT, PA (Griffin Pond Shelter) Tara, another long term resident, is starting to stress a bit, so the shelter has asked we network her. She has been there since February. Very depressed in her cage, but once out, she becomes her her happy self. She is only 2 years old, loves to get belly rubs, very sweet and loving, but the shelter is getting concerned because her stress levels are rising. Sheltering, especially long term, takes an adverse toll on dogs; it's a testament to the volunteers and shelter staff she has not yet completely declined, but she is running out of time. She is not good with cats, or small dogs the size of cats, but she would probably be fine with dogs her size or bigger. She really is a sweet dog.

A volunteer spent some time with her today and gave her a rawhide bone and she was throwing it around in her cage like a puppy and chasing it. She really deserves a chance, but it has to be quick, she needs to get out of there. Is there anyone out there who can help her? The contact info is

Griffin Pond Animal Shelter aka Lackawanna Humane
Clarks Summit Pa.
570 586 3700 (Kate)
email gshep854@epix.net

http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/19552685 is her petfinder link. The shelter states she'd probably be best as an only dog, but the volunteer states that he sees she is fine with big dogs. A pittie savvy home would rock for this girl.
If anyone can think of someone who might want her, or foster her, please pass her story along. Tick Tock Tick Tock for Tara :(
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